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The Capsule by Container Hotel at klia2 is aiming to capture a clientele of 4.5 million travellers or 10% of the anticipated 45 million passengers this year at the new low cost carrier terminal.

Zu Container Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Director Ryan Loo said this follows the company’s success in launching the Container Hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

“Travelling is fun. But without proper facilities to support the journey, the whole experience can easily turn into a frustrating affair.

“This is especially so when travellers are in transit at the airport and have a long wait before the next flight.

“That’s when the Capsule comes in. It is designed to provide flexible, high quality and affordable accommodation for travellers to refresh and recharge on-the-go,” he added.

He said this in his speech before officiating the Capsule with his partner Vincent Tan, who is also a ZU Container Chief Design Officer.

The Capsule at klia2 cost the company RM1.5 million to set up.

It comprises 79 capsules and provides accommodation in denominations of three, six and 12-hour packages priced at RM45, RM70 and RM90 respectively.

It comes with a locker, shower, lounge access, free Wi-Fi and bedroom for patrons to refresh and rest before their next flight.

According to Ryan, guests are also given the flexibility to select specific services at a-la-carte rates, such as a one-time shower at RM15 or locker rental at RM20 per day.

Meanwhile, Vincent said the Capsule hotel idea came from the concept of the “Kyosho Jutaku”, which in Japanese means living large on a tiny footprint, by building a nice and compact house utilising only a very small space.

“The idea of utilising unused spaces commercially is a well proven business model globally.

“Capsule hotels around the world have received a good response due to the idea of fully utilizing available space around us,” he added.

He said the use of recycled construction materials ensures environmental sustainability and at the same time allows the company to provide affordable accommodation for travellers.

Travellers are able to pre-book their rooms online or walk-in for the same price.

In conjunction with its grand opening, the Capsule by Container Hotel at klia2 has announced a special rate of RM9.90 for the first 300 online bookings at www.capsulecontainer.com before June 30. -The Rakyat Post

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