Negeri Sembilan free of JE

SEREMBAN: The Negeri Sembilan veterinary department today confirmed that the state was free from the Japanese Encephalitis (JE) virus.

State veterinary department director, Dr. Azman Shah said that based on the samples and inspections conducted by the department at various pig farms in the state recently, no trace of the JE virus was found.

“We conducted inspections at the pig farms located in Gemencheh and Bukit Pelanduk and we also took blood samples.

“We did not find the JE virus or any other pig related virus, so far,’ he said.

Dr. Azman denied an earlier media report stating there were pig farms situated in Bukit Pelanduk used for breeding purposes.

“The media report is inaccurate. There are no pig breeding farms in Bukit Pelanduk.”

“There are six pig farms there and they are being used as retention farms for slaughtering purposes only.

“We also conducted inspections and took blood samples from these pig retention farms and again we found no trace of JE or any other pig related diseases,” said Dr. Azman.

He said that his department will continue to conduct their inspection of pig farms in the state from time to time.

Meanwhile the state health department director, Dr. Zailan Adnan also confirmed that there has not been any JE virus case detected in Negeri Sembilan this year.

“This year, so far, no JE cases have been reported in the state and just like the state veterinary department we too will inspect and monitor the situation on a continuous basis,” she said. -
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