05 September 2014

Lancashire Superlink House for sale @ Dolomite Templer

  05 September 2014

Lancashire 2 and 3 storey superlink homes with lot size of 24′ x 95′ for sale. Natured inspired, low density homes. Naturalistic landscaping with tropical botanical arboretum. Kids adventure park, lookout tower and suspension bridge, cascading stream, sculpture park and other attractions await you in this development. 24 hour gated and guarded with 2-tiered perimeter fencing for peace of mind. Private clubhouse with resort inspired facilities for your convenience and indulgence.

With nature as our inspiration, every landscaped scene within Dolomite templer awakens a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural wonders surrounding this enchanting development. Here, every nook and corner is a world full of discovery and wonderment.

Superlink houses developed by Dolomite.


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