Video of boy battering, swinging puppy by tail believe taken place in BAHAU SEREMBAN


A video of a boy abusing a puppy has enraged Malaysian netizens, with many calling for him to be arrested, or be subjected to legal action.

The 50-second long video shows a boy holding a puppy by its tail and violently swinging it around as the puppy yelped helplessly.

He then throws it up into the air, and attempts to catch it, but fails. The puppy ends up on the ground. At this point it appears to be dead, but the boy continues battering it.

The boy, who looked like he was enjoying himself with a friend in the video, then flung the puppy into nearby bushes.

The video, which was posted on a Facebook page of Malaysian portal PenMerah on Sept 6, had since been shared over 7,713 times and received 4,316 comments.

According to another Facebook page, the incident was believed to have taken place in Bahau, Seremban.

Lately, there has been a worrying trend of videos of animals being abused posted on social media despite public outrage.

According to the present Animal Act 1953, animal abusers face a fine of RM200 (S$78.80), or six months in prison, or both.

However, last year, an Animal Welfare Bill was proposed, calling for first-time offenders to be fined between RM20,000 and RM100,000, or face a jail term of up to three years.

The Bill, which was tabled in Parliament in February last year, has yet to be passed. - NST

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