Green Haven Condominium in Iskandar Johor | Paying tribute to nature


Green Haven, a new, well-planned residential development that pays tribute to nature. Comprised of 1,134 units on 7.76 acres, the three magnificent towers of Green Haven are connected by breathtaking sky bridges that give residents a 360-degree view of the surrounding region. By actual proportions, the footprint of the three(3) building towers only adds approximately up to not more than twenty five (25%) or approximately one-fourth (1/4) of the total project site area.

Therefore approximately a quarter of the site has been designated for the construction of serviced apartments. The remaining three-quarters (3/4) are solely for greenery and facilities catering for the end user. The Developer has emphasized on returning land close to one hundred percent (100%) . By recreating greenery around the development, the approximate calculations translates to approximately 4.4 acres for internal and external podium, approximately 2 acres for a natural trail at Sylvan Walk, approximately 1.3 acres for the sky bridge which gives an approximate total common area of 7.6 acres on Development land area of 7.76 acres.

This daring approach sees us offering more green space rather than concrete structures as we want to create a much healthier and liveable environment. The three towers of Green Haven are named after tropical flowers: Erythrina for the first tower (Tower A); Cattley for the second tower (Tower B); and Laurels for the third tower (Tower C). Each tower increases in height forming a hierarchy of 40 storeys, 43 storeys, and 46 storeys.

The residence’s rainforest theme was adopted because of our proximity to the equator and our tropical climate is where rainforests thrive. Welton Development will reverse this trend and lead the pack by offering a very lush and green property that will be surrounded by tropical flora. The plants grown here have a capacity to reach up to two (2) metres and above to create a zone of tranquillity. Residents will be able to organise outdoor gatherings by the barbecue pits that are places along a flowing stream. At Green Haven, residents can enjoy true serenity at the podium with its waterfall and hill features, whilst the three tower blocks act as a barrier from the stresses and worries of the world around this enclave — hence its namesake. Green Haven is cleverly-aligned to capture the best vista this location has to offer by facing both the straits of Johor towards Singapore as well as the horizon of Johor Bahru’s city centre skyline. Green Haven is easily-accessible via the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL), Coastal Highway, and Pasir Gudang Highway. It is surrounded by many essential amenities for daily convenience including hospitals, police stations, shopping centres, golf clubs, and education hubs. Furthermore, the development is just 10 minutes away from Johor Bahru’s city centre and the CIQ complex leading to Singapore.

The architecture of Green Haven is heavily-influenced by neomodern architecture with an uncluttered design and minimalist approach at its design core value. The concept architect started out the design with the end user in mind and then proceeds to develop the bigger picture of the spatial arrangement for the entire scheme. The idea of a total architecture is being applied, where architecture and landscaping is integrated at an early stage in order to create a seamless threshold between an outdoor and indoor space, giving the end user unmatched interconnectivity. Green Haven is in a league of its own because of its smart home system that interconnects the entire development. This collaboration between Somfy (a French company) and Ezville (a Korean company) brings the proven expertise of a Top 5 home network solutions provider in Korea to Green Haven. The implementation of such advanced technology increases your property value through an array of luxury features that can be effortlessly synchronized at the touch of a button. Through smart devices, residents here can programme to control electrical cooker, lighting, air-conditioning, and entrances. Video and call features seamlessly connect residents to strategic points on the development such as the guard house, lobby, unit entrance, and other units. Wall pads also enable announcements to be made and checked, whereas video memos can be left here for future viewing.

Upon entering the development, you are welcomed by lush tree-lined linear parks on the ground level. It has four-storey car park and a podium on fourth level of each of the three towers. Each tower has its own ground floor lobby with a stunning, unique entrance. At the base of the three towers at the podium level, the internal podium is connected between all three towers to enable easy access between these towers.

At level 30, there is a sky bridge linking all three towers. Spanning over an acre on level 30 is Atlas Way, where two sky bridges join all three towers of Green Haven. The Atlas Way is made for total relaxation and it offers an excellent vantage point for enjoying sea views and podium views while dedicated zones are also available for lightweight activities such as yoga and Pilates. Each part of the sky bridge is dotted with facilities for leisurely activities such as the jogging track that spans around the tower. The lift layout is based on the concept of groups where two to three households will have their own private lobby and ease the dispersal of residents out of public areas. This is to provide exclusivity and reduce the distance from the lift to the units, much like a private residence. The traditional lift layout requires you to walk along a corridor pass many units before arriving at your own unit — but Green Haven is anything but traditional.

Green Haven has 16 unique individual unit types spanning across all three towers from the Studio, 1 Bedroom (Type A), 2 Bedroom (Type B), 3 Bedroom (Type C), and Dual Key (Type D) units. The highest two floors are solely for the Penthouse and Private Loft units. Each tower has two storeys of four Penthouses and two Private loft units. Towers A and B have a similar layout with 10 units per floor whereas Tower C has 11 units per floor. A three-tier security system watches over the three important points on the development: the guard house; public areas such as the lift lobby/drop-off point/parking; and individual unit levels. CCTV cameras will be installed in common areas and it will be monitored constantly by the management. There will also be a scheduled patrol on the ground, car park and podium levels for increased security. Green Haven is also secured by a comprehensive fire prevention and suppression system to meets and even exceeds local building codes.

The first noteworthy landscaping feature here is the Sylvan Walk, a linear park circling the perimeter of the development where we have hand-picked plants to replicate a rainforest. The Sylvan Walk is a 400-metre nature trail that leads to a basketball court surrounded by trees. The perimeter fence will be enclosed by plants which creates a natural green boundary. Located at the heart of Green Haven is the Viridian Nexus, an area that features various themed gardens with tropical trees and colourful foliage. The plants here can reach up to two metres to create a zone of tranquillity and residents can organise outdoor gatherings by the barbecue pits that are placed alongside a flowing stream. Green Haven is also incorporated with its very own hill, the Haven Crest. The winding stream from Tower C also creates an optical illusion where the stream flows into the Sapphire Lagoon. Extending from one end of the podium to the other is the Palm Tree Boulevard, a tree-lined walkway that separates and connects the water and earth elements of Sapphire Lagoon and Viridian Nexus at the same time. Water enthusiasts will be enchanted to discover the Sapphire Lagoon, an area comprising all water-related facilities. It provides the ideal spot for those who wish to swim laps in the Olympic-sized 50-metre pool and have a leisurely time at the adjoining sunken lounges. Residents can take a relaxing dip at the Jacuzzi or just lounge at the pool deck area.

Green Haven’s concept designs also cater for the children. The Kids Empire is designed specifically for children and situated beside the childcare facility and it is where young residents can splash around in the shallow wading pool or have fun at the playground under the watchful eye of their parents. In addition to these seven area, Green Haven provides numerous lifestyle facilities such as a gym, kindergarten, conference rooms, function hall, café, libraries, games room, convenience store, mini theatre, and laundry and services, just to name a few. These world-class facilities combined with the holistic, natural lifestyle theme of Green Haven make it the ultimate private sanctuary that offers an unmatched standard of living within the Iskandar Johor region of Malaysia.


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