02 November 2014

Escape Room @ Seremban Prima

  02 November 2014
Photos by SEREMBAN Prima. 

Escape Room soft opening at Seremban Prima on 4th November 2014. 

In 2013, Escape Room landed in Malaysia and proved to be just as an influential hit there as it did at their other Escape game counterparts. Escape Room is a form of a puzzle simulation game where willing participants will be locked within a room with a specific scenario according to the respective theme, alongside a team of individuals, to solve a plethora of puzzles and riddles using the elements found inside the room to attempt and escape within the given 45 minute time limit. Game Masters and Escape Marshals are introduced to direct the flow of the game play throughout to add a hint of drama and boldness to the story.
 Some of the Escape Room Games: 

More information please visit: http://www.escaperoom.com.my/


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