Selangor Ready To Face The Monsoon Transition


SHAH ALAM - The Selangor Flood Mitigation Committee has been instructed to prepare for the monsoon changes due to unpredictable weather this week.

The Exco for Infrastructure, Public Amenities and Agro-Based Industries, Zaidy Abdul Talib, said that it is in line with the 6P strategy adopted by the Selangor government to address the flood situation in the state.

He said that the committee will ensure that all strategies can be perfected in preparation to face floods with the cooperation of all government agencies.

“We have asked the task force secretary to issue a letter to the relevant parties to carry out flood preparations.

“We have also instructed for all maintenance work to be completed and to be ready to face excess of rain,” he told Selangor Kini.

Prior to this, the Malaysian Meteorological Department forecast that the weather this week will be volatile in the West Coast of the Peninsular following the monsoon transition from the Northeast Monsoon to the Southwest Monsoon.

The department expects heavy rain and lightning in the evenings.

To overcome the problem, the Selangor government adopted the 6P strategy referring to the coordination of complete information system, evaluation and planning, development monitoring, enforcement, coordination and action recommendation.


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