We are ‘Bangsa Johor’ first and foremost, says Crown Prince


KUALA LUMPUR: Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has advised Johoreans that they should stand united as “Bangsa Johor” in spite of provocations by certain quarters who were uneasy with such sentiments.

He said this in response to provocations from certain quarters who often asked why not “Bangsa Malaysia?”.

“Let us not be influenced by the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy those people have mastered,” he said, adding that his people must always remember Johor’s motto of “Unity is a blessing”.
Tunku Ismail also stressed that people in his state were first and foremost “Bangsa Johor” regardless of what other Malaysians from various states called themselves.
“We are proud of our history. We don’t disturb anyone. This is our heritage and our history,” he wrote on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page today.

“If you want to be proud of calling or referring to yourselves as ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ or 5 Malaysia, please do so. It is not a crime.

“But to Bangsa Johor, lest we forget – This is our state. This land and the rights to this state belongs to all of us,” he proclaimed.

The crown prince of Johor also said he took pride in the history of the state and explained, “…from the times of my forefathers, we the Malays, Chinese and Indians have always regarded ourselves as ‘Bangsa Johor’.

“This began since 1885, even before the formation of Malaysia. 72 years to be exact.”
This reminder from Tunku Ismail came in the wake of the violent scuffle that broke out on Sunday when DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang wanted to address people from Sabah and Sarawak working in Pasir Gudang, Masai.

In the violent episode, the DAP advisor was chased out with brooms and had bowls and plates thrown at him. He was also called a “communist” by a rowdy group of Umno supporters.
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