Enough water in Johor despite critical levels in three dams


JOHOR BARU: Water concessionaire SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd has assured residents of Johor that there is still enough water despite levels dropping at three of its seven dams.

SAJ general manager for production and distribution Elias Ismail said the Upper Sungai Layang and Lower Sungai Layang dams had about 35% of water left while the Congok dam in Mersing had about 25%.

He said that the normal water level at dams were 60%.

"Those dams might be in the critical levels but we assure the people that there is enough water to be distributed to the consumers.

"There is no cause for worry. The water levels can be sustained through rainfall and river supply and we are monitoring the situation closely everyday," he said at the Water Day celebration in Hutan Bandar Johor Baru here on Saturday.

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