3 Ply Face Masks (China Factory)


Healthy Disposable Face Masks
(Non Medical).
50pcs per box.

Comfortable - Skin Affinity - Dustproof

Three layers / Potent/ Filter
  • 1st (Non-woven fabric) - Antibacterial 
  • 2nd (Melt blown cloth) 
  • 3st (Non-woven fabric) - Skin friendly 
Products use instructure:
First: Open the package and take out your mask, keep the nose bridge clamp on the top of the mask and cover your mouth, nose and jaw. Then extend ear loop behind your ears. 
Second: Press the nose bridge clamp inwards with your fingers top in the middle position on both sides and gradually move to both sides to adjust it on the nose surface. 
Third: When removing the mask, do not touch the outside surface, remove the ear loop ad throw it directly. 

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