Haze is back to Seremban


Malaysians had to endure a hazy situation today when visibility dropped this afternoon.

According to the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry’s Department of Environment website, certain places, including Putrajaya, have been recording increasing Air Pollutant Index (API) readings since this afternoon.

Readings at 2pm today put Batu Muda, Kuala Lumpur, in the “unhealthy” category with the highest API readings of 118.
This was followed by Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang (100), Seremban (99), SK Jalan Pegoh, Ipoh (97) and Cheras (94), all within the borderline “unhealthy” zone.

By 4pm, API for Seremban was reduced to 95, while Jalan Tasek, Ipoh and Banting recorded API readings of 88.
The haze in Batu Muda got worse with an API reading of 124, with Putrajaya and Shah Alam recording API readings of 100 and 90 respectively.

While Batu Muda recorded a significant drop to 69 as at 5pm, Putrajaya recorded a slight increase to 104.
At 6pm, Cheras went up to 104 while Putrajaya dropped significantly to 68.

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