Sabah to unveil its 2015 budget


KOTA KINABALU: The 2015 Budget for Sabah will be unveilled tomorrow against a backdrop of optimism that would push for more progress.

More Federal attention to security as well as focus on the oil and gas industry will help keep the state economy on a steady footing next year.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman who is also Finance Minister is expected to table the budget at the State Legislative Assembly at 3pm.

Cement Industries Sabah executive director Bahrul Chuprat said a lean and prudent budget can be expected but things will remain optimistic.

"Since last year we can see the Federal government together with the state beefing up security against threats to our sovereignty.

"It helps boost investor confidence as well as that of the people. This is important for Sabah to keep its focus on development plans," he said.

"Positive vibes from the oil and gas industry, with new discoveries and major projects making headlines, could help lift the economy."

Bahrul said at the same token there was need for the public service to improve its efficiency and more needs to be done to eradicate poverty.

"These are areas that will be key to ensure the benefits from policies provided by the government filters down to all citizens," he said.

Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Datuk Michael Lui said Sabah needs to be ready for turnaround.

"We anticipate more investments and tourist arrivals next year," he said and pointed out this calls for better amenities and service.

"The government need to look at the requirement for more skilled workers in various sectors and improving better infrastructure in urban areas."

Lui said investors will make decisions based on the availability of skilled workers and good infrastructure will leaving last impressions to visitors.

He also threw the idea of introducing a monorail service in the State capital here as in the long run, it will be a necessity.

~ By New Straits Times

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