A shoe that GROWS: Sandal that expands by five sizes could spell the end of spending a fortune on children's footwear


As any parent will know, children's feet will often grow faster than it is possible to buy them new shoes to keep them shod.

However, one charity has come up with an innovative new type of shoe that grows with a child's feet.

The Shoe that Grows uses adjustable buckles and a strap on the toe to expand by five sizes.

The Shoe that Grows (pictured) has adjustable points at the front, sides and the back of the sandal to help it expand. Kenton Lee, from Nampa, Idaho, came up with the idea while working in Nairobi in Kenya after seeing children running around barefoot and in shoes several sizes too small.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3042220/A-shoe-GROWS-Sandal-expands-five-sizes-spell-end-spending-fortune-children-s-footwear.html

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