Iconic Seremban A&W outlet to close its doors


Pic courtesy of Yihang Tan & the Rakyat Post

The iconic A&W outlet in Seremban is set to undergo a transformation when it closes its doors on April 30.

Built in 1978, the outlet owned by KUB Malaysia Bhd holds a plethora of memories for the locals here who have had held birthday functions and family gatherings at the 37-year-old building located next to the Seremban Lake Gardens.

“Once my close buddies and I went for a bite and we ended up ordering more until the manager walked over to us and asked where we were from.

“We replied that we had just found our way out of the Broga hills after being lost there for days and rushed here for fast food,” Pirabagaran Tulasi told The Rakyat Post.

The programme manager, in his late 40’s, said the outlet’s manager had a look of disbelief.
“We cannot forget that face,” said Pirabagaran.

For William Tai, his parents used to bring him to the outlet when he was a child, leading him to have amazing memories of the playground — “A&W Bearland” — which used to be located next the outlet before it was removed to make way for a car-park.
“When I was still a kid, I played the see-saw and injured a little girl. As she fell to the ground, I ran away scared,” Tai said.
The matter was settled when the parents of the girl approached Tai’s parents and demanded an apology.
“I hope to meet the girl again as I wish to apologise to her personally.”

Sharing similar sentiments, Ravinnath Ravi said the outlet was also famous for its giant burger slide which had a chicken coop below it and a huge maze adjacent to it.
“The burger used to freak me out as a kid as it was all dark and gloomy inside while the maze made me cry because my parents would go missing,” the 30-year-old said.
Being a SMK King George (KGV) student, Ravinnath said the outlet was also famous among students who went out for dates due to its close proximity.
“Those were good times for dates. I miss them.”

A spokesperson from A&W said the outlet would be shut down at the end of this month with the Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) having given a 10-day period to clear the outlet before renovation work could begin.

“The work is expected to begin in June and may finish by 2017,” the spokesperson, who declined to be named, said to TRP when contacted.

Locals, specifically from the Seremban Facebook Group, said they would hold one “last hurrah” in the form of a gathering to commemorate the iconic outlet before it was forever cleared away, leaving only good memories behind.

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