The A&W Seremban could opened few more months to October.


SEREMBAN, May 1, 2015:

The iconic Seremban A&W outlet, which was expected to close its doors yesterday to undergo renovations for two years, will now remain open for another few more months.

Despite the sudden decision to allow the 37-year-old outlet to remain open, more than 100 locals arrived to celebrate the supposed shutdown of the eatery.

The Seremban Facebook Group had organised a last hurrah to commemorate the good times at the outlet.

“We held this event today as many locals have sweet memories of this place,” administrator of the group, Sunny Wong Chuo Shyan, told The Rakyat Post.

Despite the last-minute change in plans, patrons at the outlet remained in cheerful mood, with some singing songs accompanied by a two-piece band.

Several patrons were also seen taking photos of the outlet while a few were signing a banner, thanking the outlet for its cherished memories.

Wong said he had been in touch with the management of the outlet, which told him it was closing down.

“My announcement led to news reports and many staff are angry because they are receiving more customers than usual now.”

He added that since the event to commemorate the outlet being closed had been held, another would not be held.

“I’m not angry, but the next time they tell us that they’re closing down for good, I’m not going to believe them because they are not being consistent,” the 44-year-old marketing executive said.

Wong claimed that he was informed by a worker that ever since the news broke that the outlet was to be closed, the sales had been highest for A&W outlets nationwide.

“It’s a good marketing gimmick from my point of view.”

One of the workers, who declined to be named, said the Seremban branch would remain open until October.

“But I don’t know… our future depends on the management.”

Built in 1978, the outlet, owned by KUB Malaysia Bhd, holds a a lot of memories for the locals here, who have had held birthday functions and family gatherings at the building overlooking the Seremban LakeGardens.

The iconic A&W outlet in Seremban is expected to undergo a transformation when it eventually closes its doors.

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