How BIG is actually the newly announced 108,000ha Malaysia Vision Valley development project? See the informative Pictures.

Background: -- Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said the proposed Malaysian Vision Valley (MVV) project covering 108,000ha would be spearheaded by the private sector, with a gross development value of RM640bil over 30 years.

“MVV alone is expected to increase the national GDP (gross domestic product) growth by 3.5%,” he said. - The Star --

MVV is a multi billion development project crossing the region of Seremban, Nilai and Port Dickson. So may ask that actually how big is the MVV project? A lot of us cannot imagine how huge is these 108,000 ha of land. has done some searching and mathematical analysis and below are some informative pictures to give quick digest on the land of MVV.

MVV = 108,000 hectare, Ha

Bandar Sri Sendayan = 2,023 hectare, Ha, meaning 1 MVV is equivalent to 50 times of land size of Bandar Sri Sendayan.
If we would to multiply the Bandar Sri Sendayan to 50 times and put it into the map, this is how it look like! It start making us crazy as it almost make the Seremban 2, S2 Height or Bandar Ainsdale not visible anymore. 
Now imagine MVV has a blueprint development in the timeline of 30 years, that mean 1.5 Bandar Sri Sendayan needed to be developedt completely every year and such synergy has to continue for 30 years. Wow!
Let's go for another comparison, see the picture below. 6 MVV combined development land band is equal to whole Negeri Sembilan total land size. That show Negeri Sembilan is really go into massive development in the next 30 years! 
Below are some other comparison of land size of MVV with other develoment areas. It will also make you stunt for a while. 

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