Bazaar Ramadhan traders scuffle at MPS


A scuffle broke out between two rival groups of Ramadhan bazaar traders at the Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) today.

In the 2pm incident, Uptown Dataran Senawang Traders Association (PUDS) chairman, Razali Zakaria was holding a press conference when a group of men arrived and started creating a scene.

The press conference was held by the association to voice their dissatisfaction on the manner they were told to leave the Bazaar Ramadhan despite having conducted their business at the location for the past three-years.

“Half way through the press conference, we were provoked by a group of gangsters who told us to leave,” Razali told The Rakyat Post.

The argument then led to a scuffle which was broken-up by MPS officers who were present.

According to Razali, the traders had prepared their stockpiles for the upcoming Ramadhan festivities and preferred not to budge from their spot despite being ordered to do so by the MPS.

“There are elements of jealousy in this.

“They are just doing this to tarnish PUDS’ name  by replacing them with cronies.”

He said for the past two-years, the traders have never faced such a problem with the council.

“This is only happening following the change of the MPS licensing management earlier this year.

“We had no trouble last year, or the year before, when we asked if we could trade at our usual location,” he said, adding that they have been trading at the location since 2012.

“We don’t mind sharing the space with other traders but we prefer doing our business in the usual location.”

However, when the same question was posed to a representative from a different group, another story was told.

“There was a drawing of lots held by MPS on Monday to delegate space for the Bazaar Ramadhan which Razali attended but did not draw any lots at,” United Traders of Negeri Sembilan Association chairman, Noor Hafiz Mohammad Razali claimed.

“By walking out of the lotting process, Razali has caused 51 traders under him to be affected.”

Noor Hafiz said  he managed to secure space for 40 traders under his association through the lotting process.

Among the unfortunate affected traders were Siti Maryam Madzim who said she felt cheated after Razali had promised to give her the space to conduct her business.

“I felt cheated because yesterday I was told not to worry as Razali said that he had obtained a space for us.

“I only found out from a Whatsapp group that there was going to be a press conference and protest.

“So I came here to find out the truth.”

Following the scuffle, Razali lodged a police report at the Rahang Police Station.

No injuries were reported in the scuffle.

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