Seremban "Glutton square" 三角地 No more!


Pic credit: Sukhbir Cheema

Seremban is set to lose another iconic jewel as hawkers from the town’s famed “glutton square” have been given a three-month eviction notice.
The square, located in Jalan Yam Tuan here, has been synonymous with local foodies who wish to sample the town’s hawker cuisine.
In fact, on Fridays and during the weekends, the site is packed with hungry visitors.
Known for its curry laksa and char keow teow, the family run businesses here have been plying their trade for more than 40 years on the private-owned land.
“Before this, the land belonged to the government, so we had no issues in conducting business here,” Ah Mei, a stall owner here said.
The second generation of the family-run business said the land was then privatised after being sold to individuals.

She explained that the previous land owners did not mind the hawkers plying their trade.
“However, the recent owner now wishes to develop this place into shop lots and has given us three months to leave.
“We do not know where to go,” the 32-year-old lamented.
Hoping for some form of assistance from the government, Ah Mei said the notice ends in May.
An observation by The Rakyat Post found several of the eateries empty. Only a handful were open.
Teh Man Chee, was just a toddler when her father began selling fried noodles in his stall at the square.
“This location has history as I grew up helping my father selling noodles. I literally grew up in this place,” the 50-year-old said.
When asked where she would move to once the notice ends, Teh was unable to answer.
“The economy is bad. I’m just hoping for the best and will follow the families wherever they go.”
In the day time, the square functions as a parking lot and is turned into a hawker site at night.

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