02 May 2015

Theme Park soon at KLIA Aeropolis

  02 May 2015
Malaysia Airports' airport city master plan, dubbed KLIA Aeropolis, spans across 6,750 acres of land surrounding KL International Airport (KLIA). A diversified and integrated city with comprehensive facilities for retail, exhibitions, leisure and tourism activities, KLIA Aeropolis is the ideal location for your business to thrive in a high-growth, optimum value area.

KLIA Aeropolis master plan development was driven by the accessibility, speed and agility factors that the airport provides to time-sensitive supply chains and corporate connectivity, nationally and globally. It is envisioned to become a truly remarkable new airport city development with top-class tourism attractions, to become a destination in its own right.

KLIA Aeropolis Master Plan comprises:
Commercial Business Zone
Free Commercial Zone
Recreational & Institutional Zone
Agro-Tourism & Theme Parks
Natural Conservation Zone
Cargo & Logistics
Medical Tourism

The location of the Theme park in planning on the location of old LCCT as below pictture. The site is expected to allocate more than 202ha for a theme park.


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