Stop Asking About Seremban City Status - MB


SEREMBAN: Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan today asked all Negeri Sembilan assemblymen to stop asking question about the declaration of Seremban's status as a city.

Mohamad (BN-Rantau) said Seremban had received the approval to be declared as a city since 2012, but the state government had yet to make the declaration because it wanted to ensure all basic infrastructure and amenities in the city to be in place first.

"I've spoken many times about this issue. Can you all stop asking the same question?

"At each sitting, you keep asking about the (declaration of) city status, ask me something else, something that will benefit the public or solve their problems," he said in reply to Yap Yew Weng (DAP-Mambau) at the State Assembly sitting here today.

Mohamad said the state government was not in haste to declare Seremban as a city.

"We want to ensure that all basis amenities are in place so that once we declared it as a city, let it be forever. We don't want a city with poor physical infrastructure and public amenities," he added.


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