Authentic Kuching Cuisine, 古晋美食馆 (Oakland, Seremban)


This could be one of the best Sarawak Laksa we had ever tried which come with extremely "thick" laksa soup, making it a perfect morning breakfast choice in Seremban 2 area.
✔ Suggestion: Try these these Lakes with Kolo Mee, it is 100% perfect matching!
Kolo Mee, RM5.50 for small size. The Kolo mee here served with original and red type. (Original Kolo Mee & Red kolo mee)

The Authentic Kuching Cuisine, honoured to sell Authentic Kuching Kolo Mee, Kuey Tiaw, Bihun, Mee Soup, Kuey Tiaw Soup, Bihun Soup, Sarawak Laksa, Kacang Ma (ONE and ONLY in West Malaysia).

The shop owner has over 25 years of experience in selling Kuching foods and this could be best for those Sarawakian fellow who staying in KL or Seremban to taste their hometown foods.

This restaurant is also selling PURE 100% Sarawak Pepper and Sarawak Coffee. They do accept pre-order for Kacang Ma especially for customers who wish to consume it during confinement with a minimum order of RM30.

🏠 Location: No 495, Jalan Haruan 4/4, Oakland Commercial Centre, 70200 Seremban (City) ☎ For enquiry or booking: +60167112379 Opening hours: 8:30am to 3pm (Everyday, off on Monday)
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  2. I ate in this restaurant this morning and my mom found a piece of broken glass/ plastic in her food condiment which was a big health hazard. in view of that we informed the owner. the owner not only pushed the blame to the supplier but he wasnt apologetic in any way. therefore I posted a review on the restaurant facebook account on my experience. the owner then created a new dummy account (I suspect but also can be untrue so he claims ) and then try to defend the restaurant by saying all sorts of irrelevant things. upon knowing that his impersonation cover up was busted he continued to then ban me from commenting and subsequently shut down his restaurant fb under the name of AUTHENTIC KUCHING CUISINE. I do not condone to owners who do not own up to their mistakes and wrong doings, what more using unprofessional ways to cover up for it and defend its "good name". all it takes was an honest apology, i think that is what is most important especially dealing with food and health hazards. I will not support managements like this no matter how good the food is.